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Everybody Street article on Phaidon:

There can’t be another art form that has so closely recorded with the city’s travails. From the film’s interviews, it’s clear that these practitioners were wholly committed to a method of presenting their city in a strikingly new and unadorned way.

London, UK
A few weeks ago, New York based humanist photographer and filmmaker Cheryl Dunn came to London to present her latest documentary, Everybody Street — a homage to the lives and works of iconic street-photographers in NYC, from Bruce Davidson to Joel Meyerowitz, to Jill Freedman, to only name a few. We asked Cheryl to answer five questions about herself by picking images.
How do you see yourself?
I definitely see myself in motion, sort of weaving through crowds. I have a dance background and have a strong sense of physicality and this is always on my mind when I work and in life. I am very conscious of how I move through an environment and how I physically handle my tools that I use to shoot. With documentary practices, my aim is to be fluid and make things appear effortless as to not draw attention to myself so my subjects stay as natural as possible. A really unrealistic fantasy dream would be to be a Pina Bausch dancer. So here is a shot of one of her dancers that I took in Wuppertal, Germany. (above)
How do you see the others around you?

In a wider sense sometimes I see people as objects in a composition. And sometimes I put on headphones and go out and shoot street pictures and really study people and try to guess what they are thinking and get in their heads.
What was the last place you dreamt about?

It was definitely a fantasy world. Sexy with good music…
What you feel when you hear your favorite song/band?

Ha that dream… Sometimes I feel transported to a location and sometimes I think of a person I love or a visualization of the first time I heard that tune.
A secret power you would like to have?
To time travel to the past. I’m a little afraid of the future…
All photos by Cheryl Dunn.
kid chocolate sighting at the last night of broadway boxing #roseland NYC
spy in the house of love #houston st. NYC  happy valentines day.
living doll Wendy Nichol fashion show .
wendy nichol show NYC
gene siskel film center  celebrating a doc about him . they night my film screened
union sq. subway station . hey how do u make money when times are slow in the dead of NY winter . run around in your underware with a stocking over your facee speaking in chicken sounds .. that’s waht u do .
hi mr p officer
subway union square . NYC
union square dance off . subway NYC
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